Friday, May 30, 2008

1984: Half A Boy And Half A Man

Nick Lowe: Half A Boy And Half A Man


I love Half A Boy Half A Man for two reasons: the cheezy vox organ and the especially wry lyrics, Nick's knife is sharper than usual. The rest of Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit isn't that strong, but it features the backing of perhaps Nick's best road band - Martin Belmont and Billy Bremner on guitars with the excellent Paul Carrack on keyboard and backing vocals.

If you dig Nick Lowe, you should check out my three part retrospective of the Basher's career:

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Half a boy and half a man - I'm still looking for that other half, myself.


Six said...


I'm glad you posted this. It was on my list but I'm getting lazy.

Anonymous said...

A lot happened in music in 1984, it was a fertile year - glad you enjoyed it!

LD said...

Fuck yeah, flapjack! What a great song. Never heard it before, thanks for posting. The Vox organ rules in appropriate doses. I admit that it's a bit cheesy, but in the hands of a grandmaster like Augie Meyers of the Sir Douglas Quintet ... which Lowe and Carrack are pretty clearly paying homage to ... it totally works.

Anonymous said...

Happy you liked it, Nick Lowe rules!