Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fifty States: California

Joni Mitchell: California


I'm kicking off the Star Maker Machine Fifty State Challenge with my favorite Joni Mitchell song, a nice ode to America's most populous (and popular) state.


. said...

Yay Joni!
What a great song to kick off the new theme, not to mention the spiffy new look!
Looks like the theme is off to a raring start, with 3 posts ringing my RSS right off the bat... Im'ma get on it!

dean said...

As far as the new design - I like that more posts show on the first page.

Matt said...

And, "werd to yer brother" for using the comment type that nests.
It makes for 'conversations,' which I've always thought of this webpage perfect for, for fomenting.

It just keeps getting better and better and...

davesap said...

Tom Waits song about Neal Cassidy. Jack and Neal/California Here I Come.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Cali song is 'California" by Flash & The Pan.