Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Moon: Anemic Moon

Krista Detor: Anemic Moon


Here is a wonderful song by Krista Detor. "Who?", you may ask. That is a question that is surprisingly difficult to answer. Her publicity people have put no useful biographical information on her web site. The All Music Guide has heard of her, Amazon and Itunes have her music, but none provide additional information. Fortunately, I'm stubborn, so I can tell you at least some of her story.

Krista Detor arrived in Bloomington, Indiana at the beginning of this decade. Almost as soon as she got there, she created and performed a one-woman cabaret-style show called Slightly Deranged. By 2003, she had met Dan Weber, who would become the coproducer and frequent musical partner on her solo projects. The first of these, A Dream in a Cornfield came out that year.

By 2005, Detor had met Carrie Newcomer, who also deserves to be better known. Newcomer appears to have taken Detor under her wing. The two have a duet on Newcomer's 2005 album, Regulars and Refugees.
And Detor opened for Newcomer's 2005 Tour.

But their most recent project together may also be the most interesting. Wilderness Plots tells the story of the early settlers in the Ohio valley. With the stories of Scott Russell Sanders as a starting point, it has become a musical and spoken word stage show, featuring the music of Detor, Newcomer, and three other singer-songwriters from the area. The show was filmed for broadcast on WTU Public Television this past March.

"Anemic Moon" comes from Krista Detor's album Cover Their Eyes.

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