Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Moon: I Wish I Was The Moon

Neko Case: I Wish I Was The Moon [purchase]

As much as I wish Neko Case would get back to her rock 'n' roll roots, I can't deny her gift for the torch song. In fact, this might be the best song she ever recorded. The arrangement is dynamic without being overbearing, the band embracing Neko's vocals like a winter coat. Of course, when Joey Burns and John Convertino from Calexico are 2/3 of your band ... Jon Rauhouse on pedal steel is the other 1/3 ... sympathetic accompaniment is virtually guaranteed. Production-wise, the heavy reverb is a nice touch, giving the recording a timeless, almost retro quality. And what can you say about Neko's singing? She takes it to the house, providing perfect high harmonies for herself. Even the lyrics are suggestive in the best way, full of implication rather than declaration. All in all, it's an epic performance from one of America's loveliest and most talented singers.

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