Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Moon: Money at the Moon

Matt Hartin: Money at the Moon


Back in Hell week, I thanked the author of one of my favorite blogs by posting a song he had given me. This might become a series for me.

Pete of Ickmusic has introduced me to some wonderful tunes, as well as sharing some esoterica concerning Bruce Springsteen and Prince. But I enjoy it most when he has an artist to share who is new to me. Matt Hartin was one of these.

From here, this post will be almost identical to the one Pete put up. That's because we both want to share the story of how "Money at the Moon" came to be written, and there is no reason to try to improve upon Matt Hartin's telling:

While attending an art gallery opening, a painting caught my eye. The title was Throwing Our Money at the Moon. I spoke to the artist, Jamie Frankie, who told me that he and his wife like to take their coin jar down to the big tree in the field behind their house when the moon is full. They make a wish and throw their money at the moon. Mrs. Frankie’s first name is Penny. Seriously. Thus inspired, the words just spilled out and were put to a melody I had laying around for a long time.

I had hoped to accompany this post with an image of the painting, but I could not find it. If anyone knows where to view it, please leave a link in the comments.

Submitted by Darius

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