Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Moon: Song About The Moon

Paul Simon: Song About The Moon


When the theme is "songs about the moon", what better song can there be than "Song About The Moon"? And, when one of the greatest songwriters of modern times gives you advice about how to write a song, you'd best listen.

I have always thought that Hearts and Bones was an under-rated album. Of course, it was originally recorded as a reunion Simon & Garfunkel album, but when the two could not agree about certain creative aspects of the recording (e.g., whether or not to allow Garfunkel to sing on any tracks... at all) Simon pulled the plug on the reunion, scrubbed Garfunkel's vocals from the existing tracks, and rerecorded the album as a solo effort. I agree with most critics that it is not his best, or even close to his best, but still it's really not bad. There are a few songs on this album that are absolutely terrific (The Late Great Johnny Ace, Renee And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War, and Hearts & Bones itself). Of course there are a few others that are quite skippable.

Overall, it's worth owning. Song About The Moon is not necessarily a highlight of the album, but it's decent musically and wonderful lyrically. Check it out.

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