Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Moon: Hey Moon

Bottle Rockets: Hey Moon [purchase for almost $100 used!!!!]

Speaking of the Bottle Rockets ... oh, you didn't know I was speaking of the Bottle Rockets? Check the Moonshiner comments, yo. Anyway, like I always say, there's always room for more honky tonk on Star Maker Machine. Like their mid-'90s contemporaries, the Backsliders, the Bottle Rockets were the kind of barroom band who could effortlessly veer between country and rock multiple times in a single set. Well, I shouldn't say "were" to imply that they're defunct. As a matter of fact, the band is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. If you like your rock twangin' and bangin', check their MySpace page for dates and such. If they're playing near you, you have no excuses. If you'd like a little teaser, here's the current incarnation of the band doing one of my favorite BoRox songs, "Indianapolis," filmed in Germany in 2005.

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