Thursday, October 16, 2008

Civics Lessons: Study The Moon

These United States: Study The Moon


Lately, politics has been synonymous with bad news. And at this point in the campaign, everything is crumbled down to policy. I like to look at the big picture. Things are brighter there. The best way to get a new perspective is to leave the room – better yet, the planet. We’ve been to the moon… a handful of times. Why aren’t there four-wheeler tracks all over that thing yet? Test Stations… Agricultural experiments… Sno-Cone Stands?

“According to religion, there is someone I can call.
According now to science, this is all my fault.
According to the big blue ox, I should just look up Paul.
Accordingly the consequence is a concert hall,
Where everyone waves words but, no one thing resolves,
Until they come and serve us from that wrecking ball.

By then the chancellor goes and gets the infantry involved,
the overreaching economy creeping to a crawl,
accountants come to ties to the town square totem poles.

We should really just go and study the moon.”

This is the most flagrant abuse of this blog’s new music rule, but my job for each week is to post the best-fitting song(s) I have. From that ‘big picture’ perspective, the goal here is to turn people on to great music – but to use the word great would be a disservice to this song and the other eleven it comes with. Jesse Elliot of These United States is just finding the right direction for his muse, and Crimes is an album that results from someone who is obviously affected by the things going on around him, just not enough to be deterred.

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