Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Civics Lessons: I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the Ozone Layer

Deee-Lite: I Had a Dream I Was Falling Through a Hole in the O-Zone Layer


Remember in the early to mid-90's when being environmentally conscious was just a trend and not a necessity like it is today? This song was written back then, but these days those issues are a hotbed topic in the election and big concern for many of the voters.

Back then (this was released in 1992), being environmentally conscious was relegated to the dirty hippies and social elites who had the time to drive across town to the recycling center or the money to spend on the premium products that were made of recycled paper or from all-natural materials. The members of Deee-Lite certainly fit the bill as far as being freaky folk from New York City that hang out with bohemians and transvestites, but hey, that's sorta why I liked them so much.

Admittedly, these days Deee-Lite gets plenty of eye rolls and is just remembered for their top 20 song "Groove Is In The Heart", but they had something that made me stop and take notice when I was in junior high and I bought their albums and I was impressed. It was certainly something unique among the grunge, the new era of hip-hop and the left overs of the 80's pop generation. This song comes from their politically-charged second album. They made their opinions known, but did so with a good beat to back it up.

The point is, this is an issue near and dear to many citizens and a responsibility of citizens of Earth, not just Americans, to take to heart because each of us has a responsibility to each other and the Earth to make this world a better place for future generations.

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