Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silly Songs: The Donner Party

Rasputina: The Donner Party


What could possibly be funny about the horrendous situation that befell the Donner Party in the winter of 1846? Well, if anyone can find humor in historical events, especially American events of the 1800s, it's the cello-rock band Rasputina. Front-woman and songwriter Melora Creager has the band dress in Victorian era undergarments to perform and the content of the songs is often historical in nature, and even more often a bit silly.

Though this song isn't even really a song per say, it is off an album and does contain music and DOES make me smirk with laughter whenever I hear it. As interludes on their first album, they included tracks where cello music plays in the background as members of the band recite things. One may sound like a diary entry or poetry, or something else entirely, but they always are humorous. In the case of "The Donner Party" a girl gives a school presentation comparing The Donner Party to the Colonial Pilgrims. She takes her presentation quite seriously despite the nonsensical nature of the subject she's chosen.

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