Sunday, February 1, 2009

One: One of Us

Abba: One of Us


You've been lucky enough not to find out before now that I really like Abba. They aren't even from my generation, but I found my parents records and fell in love. It's hard not to feel good and sing along with their infectious pop music if you can get over the cheese factor. But more often than not, their music is ridiculed as disco nonsense, when in fact they were talented singers and even more talented musicians and songwriters. Luckily, I think enough time has gone by that a lot of their work is getting a second glance and a number of contemporary artists have even covered their songs and allowed the songwriting to shine through without what some may consider a very dated sound.

"One of Us" was a single from their last album together, 1981's "The Visitors". Overall, it was one of their strongest albums and took on a much more somber tone than many of the more pop/dance-friendly albums of their past. Of course, the band that was once composed of two pairs of lovers and spouses was now composed of two divorced couples growing more and more disgruntled with making music and working together. Despite it all, they managed to make an outstanding album, and this is one of the best songs from it.

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