Monday, February 23, 2009

Shorties: All Mod Cons

[Image removed by request from the creator]

The Jam: All Mod Cons


All Mod Cons (short for All Modern Conveniences) is the title track to what is certainly one of my 20 favorite records of all time. In this short 1:20 song, Paul Weller rails against those in the music industry who glom onto every hot band, but abandon them just as quickly if the money stops coming in.

Seen you before, I know your sort, You think the world awaits your every breath. You'll be my friend, or so you say, You'll help me out when the time comes.

And all the time were getting rich, You hang around to help me out. But when were skint, oh God forbid! You drop us like hot bricks

Artistic freedom. do what you want. But just make sure that the money ain't gone. I'll tell you what, I got you sussed, You'll waste my time, when my time comes.

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