Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anniversaries: The Birthday Present

Louden Wainwright III: The Birthday Present


My first guest-post on SMM was a year ago yesterday. I remember at first being reluctant to join as a regular because my collection was too small and too limited, and because I was more of a music fan than a music expert. I didn't even have a music blog elsewhere! Those things are all still true, and I am regularly outclassed here by people who seem to have nearly limitless collections, and plenty of intelligent things to say about them. But, for the record, I want to thank Paul for starting this whole thing and for letting even the common-man have a forum where he can talk about the tunes he loves. I love music, and that's why I love it here, and that's what we all have in common.

The featured song is one of my favorites from Louden Wainwright's Live BBC Sessions. Written just before his 46th birthday he laments, and celebrates, the aging process. I'm not 46 yet, but I'm way too close, and let me tell you: I can relate to nearly every word he sings.

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