Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beatles Covers: The Lonely Hearts Club Edition

Salamander Crossing: Things We Said Today


I posted a Salamander Crossing track about six months ago - nothing says Beatles like the banjo (just kidding!... but that is Tony Furtado sitting in). I do love this bluegrass version with accompanying fiddle... and a small snippet of I've Just Seen a Face ("falling, yes I am falling") - pay attention during the instrumental break after the bridge or you'll miss it...

The Nields: Lovely Rita


The Nields are another group I've introduced to this forum - what's not to love about this part-psychedelic/part-rock/all-fun bouncy tune about a meter maid, featuring Dar Williams in the background chorus? (rhetorical question)...

Earth Wind & Fire: Got to Get You Into My Life


Before I begin writing a post, I always go into Star Maker Machine's back catalog to make sure I'm not duplicating a previously-chosen musical entry - in this case, I found the song had already been used, and stunningly written about by BoyHowdy... but, since the link is dead, figured this would be the perfect occasion to re-up... :-)

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