Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghosts and Zombies: Little Ghost and Living Dead Girl

The White Stripes: Little Ghost


Our Halloween playlist consists of over 400 songs second only to Christmas, but picking out a ghost song proved to be quite easy for us. Little Ghost by the White Stripes has to be one of our all time favorite ghost tunes. It tells the story of a guy who's fallen in love with an apparition that only he can see.

Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl


And no Halloween party of ours would be complete without at least a few Rob Zombie songs. This guy was designed for Halloween. The trouble for us was picking out just one song from his insane catalog to share here in SMM . Among others, song titles like How To Make A Monster, Spookshow Baby,Superbeast and Living Dead Girl all have found their way to our Halloween playlist. So while you're carving your pumpkins be warned..Living Dead Girls and Little Ghosts are lurking. Happy Halloween everybody!

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