Friday, July 16, 2010

Hand Claps: Close to Faith


George Michael x The Cure (DJ Tripp): Close to Faith


I've got these two songs, see. And they both fit the theme, clap clap clap. They're both big hits from the 80's. They're both catchy as hell, nice beat, danceable. They're both by British artists. You'd like both of them, I'm sure. But I can't decide which one to post…

I know! I won't decide at all - I'll give you a mashup. It's two…two…two songs in one! Or, to be exact, it's a digital remix created from pieces of two or more songs.

Songs have been joined in one form or another for years. We've all heard medleys of tunes, one following the other, or clever songs with the lyrics of one sung to the tune of another (I'm thinking of that great version of Stairway to Heaven sung to the theme of Gilligan's Island). But in the past decade, the art of the mashup (aka "bootlegs") really flowered as PC-based software became cheap enough and powerful enough for folks to try this at home. Which they've done, all over the world. And dance clubs are reverberating with the results.

The most common type of mashup is A vs. B, or the tune of one song laid against the words of another (more or less), and that's the style used in this mashup. I wonder if the remixer, DJ Tripp, got the idea to mash these two songs together because of the dual handclaps?

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