Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mouseketeers: Death of Me

Tony Lucca: Death of Me


Tony Lucca was always the quiet one: this has made for a softer, more intimate approach to music than most of his peers, and resulted in a solo musical career best characterized as relatively mellow, bluesy, and totally anonymous. So although he cut his adult teeth as a post-Mouseketeers musician opening for *NSync and Marc Anthony in the late nineties, it's no surprise to find that he's moved on to opening for the likes of Sara Bareilles.

Death of Me is a prototypical Lucca track -- a sweet acoustic cut which manages to provide the perfect mix of summery radiopop beats, a light touch on the six-string, and a tenor track on the same sweet harmonies that made him famous, yet still come out sounding totally forgettable. It comes from 2006 release Canyon Songs, which pays a relatively transparent tribute to the singer-songwriter sixties and seventies which put LA's Laurel Canyon on the music map.

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