Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Theme: "My First..."

Elton John & Kiki Dee: Don't Go Breaking My Heart


I feel kind of bad putting up this song, after all the wide-ranging and cool music during our last theme, but...

Our theme this week is for the first music we bought. Specifically, the first music bought with our own money.

Obviously, were it limited to only the very first thing, we'd each get to post just once. What fun is that? You don't have to follow my lead, but I'm going to be revealing my first 45 (this one), my first LP, my first cassette, and my first CD. Oh! and since it just occured to me, I'm going to be posting on my first digital download too. But more on all them later...

I was about six years old when "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was released. Like a bunch of other people I forked over my 79 cents, then proceded to drive my parents and siblings bonkers with the incessant replaying of a song as only a six-year-old can. If I never have, I'd like to apologize to them for that, now.

Anyhum... I'm going to leave this to that and move on...

Thanks to Six for letting me choose the theme this week. I look forward to hearing the songs that started out your love affair with music...I just hope it's not too embarassing for y'all!

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" went to #1 in the UK and the USA

Days Of The Week: Drive-in Saturday

David Bowie: Drive-in Saturday


I've owned a good number of David Bowie albums in my time- still do, as a matter of fact, though I've never owned the particular album this song was originally on. Still, I've managed to purchase the song four seperate times! I've bought the Sound+Vision box set over and over and over and over. First on vinyl, which got scratched to shit, then cassettes, which got borrowed out (so, of course, they were never seen again). Later, when I bought the compact discs, I was happy to be done with the whole affair... until the set was re-released with a fourth disc! Argh!!!
So, basically, I spent as much to own this song (and a bunch more, of course) as I have probably spent on clothing over the past three years. Heck, it's probably as much as Bowie has spent on clothing in the last... three minutes? Hrm... Well, I hope he was able to manage an half-way decent handkerchief or set of socks offa me!

Originally released on the 1973 album Aladdin Sane, "Drive-in Saturday" reached #3 on the U.K. charts.

And, as a special thank you to Six for getting this Star Maker Machine started:
The Kinks: Days.

I'll be back late tonight or early tomorrow morning to post up our next theme: "My First." See ya then.

Days of the week: Seven Days

Bob Dylan: Seven Days

Can´t let a new theme start here without playing a song that covers not just one day of the week, but all seven of them... Seven Days is a composition Dylan never recorded in the studio as far as we know. He played it live only five times during the second phase of his Rolling Thunder Revue in ´76, but then gave up on it, apparently because he wasn´t really happy with the arrangement. Well, I for one don´t think there´s anything wrong with Seven Days. Nice violin part by the great Scarlett Rivera too. "She had a face that could outshine the sun in the skies". This version was recorded live in Tampa, Florida on 21 April, and eventually ended up on The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3. By the way: Stone Ron Wood did a take of Seven Days on one of his solo albums way before Dylan´s version saw the light of day. In March ´76 Eric Clapton was recording his No Reason To Cry in the Shangri La studios in Malibu, and Bob was living in a tent in the back of the garden there for some reason. Woody was also hanging around and one day Dylan played Seven Days for both of them, saying to Clapton: "You can have this song if you want it". Slowhand didn´t take him up on it, but Wood sure did.

Days of the Week: Like A Summer Thursday

Townes Van Zandt: Like A Summer Thursday


I’m a big fan of Townes Van Zandt. This isn’t one of his greatest songs, but it fits the theme and its still Townes.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Days Of The Week: Sunday You Need Love (trio)

Trio: Sunday You Need Love


For your comparing / contrasting pleasure, here is Trio's version of the tune that Ramone666 was kind enough to share.

Days of the Week - Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night

Tom Waits: (Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night


This one's always been a favorite of mine. Can you think of another song where one of the verses is an interruption (see below)?

Tell me, is it the crack of the pool balls? Neon buzzin?
(Telephone’s ringin’ – it’s your second cousin)
Is it the bar maid that’s smiling from the corner of her eye?
The magic of the melancholy tear in your eye?

P.S. If you have anymore Days of the Week songs, tomorrow is the last day to post them before Matt debuts the new theme on Sunday.

Days of the week: Sunday You Need Love

I haven´t a clue why Memphis garage punks the Oblivians covered two songs by German eighties new wavers Trio on their debut album Soul Food (Crypt ´95) really. Not an obvious choice. Maybe because the Oblivians were a threepiece too? Whatever the reason, their rudimentary, furious cover of Sunday You Need Love really works. Has anyone got the original maybe?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Days of the Week - Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)

Lefty Frizzell: Shine, Shave, Shower (It’s Saturday)


You know you’re listening to a genuine, old-fashioned country song when the singer has to specifically point out that he is going to shower and brush his teeth before going out.

Days of the Week: Friday On My Mind

The Easybeats: Friday On My Mind


My wife stumbled across the Easybeats a few years ago and we’ve got five or six miscellaneous tracks in our collection, all fantastic. The band rode the wave of the British Invasion (despite being from Australia) to some degree of success in the mid-60s, this being their biggest hit.

This song fits into a subset of the "Days of the Week" theme: songs about payday and/or the weekend and/or just getting the hell off work so the fun can begin. (see also: the Vogues "5 O'Clock World" and Sam Cooke's "Another Saturday Night," among others.) This one definitely ranks among the best of 'em.

Days Of The Week: Bash & Pop - Friday Night (Is Killing Me)

Bash & Pop: Friday Night (Is Killing Me)


A long work day has left me tired. I 've tried to write this blurb a few times now, but all that comes is dookie. No being clever for me: Just the facts...

Tommy Stinson was the bass player for seminal Minneapolis rockers The Replacements.
Tommy's first post-Replacements group was Bash & Pop.
Bash & Pop's sole album, released in 1993, was called Friday Night (Is Killing Me).
Friday is one of the days of the week.
"Bada-bing," it is said, "Bada-boom."

Watch a live version of Friday Night (Is Killing Me) on YouTube.
Buy The Replacements: All Over But the Shouting: An Oral History from Amazon.
Tommy Stinson's official site.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Days Of The Week: Country Joe and the Fish - Thursday

Country Joe and the Fish: Thursday


One of the moodier tracks from "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die," the Fish's followup to universally acclaimed "Electric Music for the Mind and Body," Thursday is prefixed with a freak folk LSD commercial.

Submitted by Brendan of The Rising Storm.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Days Of The Week: Joe Jackson - Friday

Joe Jackson: Friday


Joe Jackson is one of the most eclectic artists around. I've seen him in concert a few times and he puts on an excellent show. Because he's so musically adventurous, at least half of his songs suck. But most of the early stuff is either good or great.

Reader Submission from Berrett!

Days of the Week: Tuesday's Dead

Cat Stevens: Tuesday’s Dead


I was reading another blog the other day in which the writer called Cat Stevens a “guilty pleasure.” Not possible! Cat Stevens is the ultimate antidote to sadness and cynicism (Harry Nilsson, too). Every song he sings seems to greet the world with open arms. “Tuesday’s Dead” isn’t my favorite of his songs, but it’s still great.

Days Of The Week - Waiting For Wednesday

Lisa Loeb: Waiting For Wednesday


Lisa Loeb seems to elicit extreme feelings. I've had people stress, "I hate Lisa Loeb!" and other people exclaim, "Lisa Loeb? I love her!" with equal enthusiasm. I must admit leaning towards the latter because... well, honestly... I've had a crush on her ever since the video for "Stay" first graced my eyeballs.
For a long time, "Stay" was the only thing I could name as hers. I didn't (and still don't) keep up on popular radio, so ended up missing out on follow-up singles.
A few years back, though, a friend borrowed me the debut Lisa Loeb release, Tails, which became a semi-permanant resident in my cd player all of that summer. About a week after said friend finally got her disc back, I went through withdrawal. I bussed across town to Cheapo and bought my own damn copy. As soon as I got home and got the plastic off the disc (and those damned sticky-tape encumbrances which seal the case once more - seriously, what is the reasoning? To force a few more seconds of...anticipation?) I pressed play, turned up loud, and mainlined the aural insulin. It may come off as sacharine, to some, but deep listening provides a measure of tart, which counter-balances the sweet.

"Waiting For Wednesday" was the fourth single from Tails, and it reached #83 on the U.S. Hot Singles chart.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey There Everybody!

So far we've got two new bloggers added as authors (and maybe a few more on the way), but no submissions from readers. We'd love to hear from you!

Is anybody thinking about chiming in? Is there any problem with the form or instructions? Let me know in the comments.

I know you're out there. For a new blog we've had a fair number of visitors today. (Just click on the site meter button for details.)

Also feel free to contribute new theme ideas.



Days Of The Week - 'til tuesday

">'til tuesday: Voices Carry


Digging through my music collection, trying to find the next day of the week song, I was having no luck.
Monday had lept out at me so fast, and I've already got something on tap for Wednesday, that I figured the second day of the work-week would be a snap. Not so.
How can there not be a song called "Tuesday"? (note to self: write a song called "Tuesday")
Then I remembered that Michael Hausman, Robert Holmes, Joey Pesce, and Aimee Mann had had a little group known as 'til tuesday back in the 1980s. That little group released a wonderful song, which I'm sure you all know, called "Voices Carry". The title song from the groups debut release (1985), "Voices Carry" was the groups highest charting song, reaching #8 on the U.S. Hot 100.
Like I said, I'm sure you all are quite familiar with this song, but when is the last time you really listened to it? It is, in my opinion, a near-perfect pop song.
And as you're listening, look at the pic of the album cover and try guess which guy is Joey Pesce. (hint: it's not the blonde)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Days Of The Week: Monday

Wilco: Monday


I'm Matt, from Perceptions, Delusions, and I'm excited to be a part of Star Maker Machine.

Paul and Six have covered Sunday very nicely. I'll move ahead to Monday, then.
Wilco released their second album, Being There, in late October, 1996. Although it was a double album, Wilco head honcho Jeff Tweedy convinced Reprise Records to price it as a single: All Jeff had to do to assure the price-point was give Reprise Wilco's share of the album royalties. There is definitely something to be said for an artists dedication in getting his product to the fans at a reasonable price. It is noble, and you can't put a price on nobility. (Well, it seems that Wilco gave away about $600,000 on this deal, so there was some price paid, but still...)
Being There reached #73 on the Billboard album chart.
Being There placed #14 on the 1996 Pazz & Jop Critics Poll.

(I looked at Wikipedia for this info.)