Sunday, November 27, 2022

Luck: Taylor Swift

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 It seemed like  an appropriate time to take a look at a musician I confess I know virtually nothing about. Shame on me for not knowing more, considering the recent awards and media coverage she has earned.

Further shame on me because I have a couple of Taylor Swift songs lurking in my [pirate] music collection that I never listened to. That small collection courtesy of YouTube actually includes Lucky One. However, like our own Seuras, I have always held a sweet spot for Bonnie Raitt (and of course, Luck of the Draw)

The live version of Taylor Swift's  Lucky One that I came across above further solidifies my appreciation of what it means to be a "star". Dire Straits' Money for Nothing once had me thinking that what many people envision as a life of excess/luxury wasn't all that desirable. The lyrics of this song help cement that understanding. Rampant fame is probably not the kind of luck you want to achieve. I mention the live version because - in comparison - I feel that I can really see the effort that Taylor Swift must put in in order to appease an enormous stadium of "fans". She does a good job, but it comes across to me as a job/a struggle.