Saturday, January 18, 2020

in memoriam: Tony Glover

Tony Glover is one of those who influence behind the scenes- not a name that most people have heard. However, people in the music business have. And  they rate him high.
Glover passed away in May 2019, age 79.

One obit article notes: he was the harmonica player Mick Jagger called for lessons... to the Doors, the Allman Brothers and to Bob Dylan ... he was the master of his art. That's saying quite a lot.

Back as early as the 60s, known as "Little Sun", he played for Elektra records in the "Koerner, Ray & Glover" band. He called his style "Ragged but right", The clip above shows that50 years on down the road, he was still getting up on stage - with Spider John Koerner.

Well beyond the 1960s-70s, his main era, he continued to play the Mid-west/Minneapolis scene.

In addition to his on-stage shows, Glover did radio programs, including at KDWB, where he hosted Hendrix, Clapton and more on his show.