Monday, September 14, 2009

Autumn and Harvest: Autumn Leaves

Not really sure if we´re allowed to post jazz here at the Star Maker Machine, but I guess I just have to take the risk. ´Cause to me, Autumn Leaves provides the perfect soundtrack to the melancholy season that will soon be upon us. Featuring Miles Davis on trumpet and Art Blakey on drums amongst others, this is somethin´ else indeed. April In Paris in reverse, it easily conjures up images of a myriad of red and gold leaves drifting by your window.

Autumn Leaves started life as a French song called Les Feuilles Mortes, first aired by Yves Montand in a ´46 Marcel Carné flick called Les Portes De La Nuit. Johnny Mercer translated it into English. He had to change the title first thing, as it was common knowledge the American public would never go for a pop song called Dead Leaves...

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