Friday, June 11, 2010

One Word: Home

Azure Ray: Home


I wasn't sure where to go with this theme since there are so many possibilities, but I knew I wanted to choose a word that really meant something, that was important.

"Home" means something different to everyone. Despite my mother living longer in our current house than she ever did in the place where she grew up, that area is still "up home" for her. And then there's people who feel very little attachment to a place but instead feel it to people, either because they moved around a lot, or because they don't have fond memories of where they grew up and therefore feel no attachment to it. But when we do call something "home", it's a good thing, it's the place we want to be, the place we feel safest and more like ourselves. Sometimes it becomes where ever your family is, or sometimes it's a specific house, piece of land, or an area. Where you know the streets by heart, where they sell all the foods you grew up on, and where you can still see your 3rd grade teacher at the grocery store every once in a while.

Next month I am moving. I had moved home and was living with my folks in the house I grew up in the last few years until I saved up some money, and now I am moving to another state, and away from what I call "home", and despite loving where I am moving, and being excited about starting this new venture, I don't think any place will ever be "home" like that old farmhouse I grew up in.

This song is good because it deals with all those feelings of comfort and belonging that come from feeling "at home", and the fact that sometimes that means being around the people you choose to be your family, and not the ones given to you genetically. It's a beautiful, and emotional song that really fits the word.

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