Saturday, August 25, 2012

Musical Quotes: Tripe Face Boogie

Little Feat: Tripe Face Boogie

Download [It's a free Creative Commons file: link here]

I spent a good part of this week searching and think about a song – any song – that fit the defined topic “brief passages from other songs”. I must have listened to 100s of songs and racked (or is that wracked?) my brain – feeling mostly that my efforts were in vain, although lots of possibilities came to mind.

Before the week ends, here is a link to a song that includes a rather weak link to a “passage from another song”.

Once again, it is a creative commons/freely downloadable song from from a band I continue to flog: Little Feat doing Tripe Face Boogie. The lyrical association that I stretch to match the topic are four simple words  “New York, New York”: while Little Feat mention several other cities, the only one they repeat is NY, NY. They may or may not have had any intention to reference the  Liza Minelli/Frank Sinatra version, but it seems to me that the thread exists – however weak.

And, however weak, I wanted once again to contribute something before this week (weak!) expires.

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