Sunday, September 14, 2008

Clothes: Flowered Dresses

Slaid Cleaves: Flowered Dresses


Slaid Cleaves. If it’s folk music you like… he’s your one-stop source. A man well versed in the art of storytelling, Slaid Cleaves evokes that dust-bowl, depression era ambiance as good as anyone. He’s the guy that put music a set of Woody Guthrie lyrics that became the namesake for my blog: This Mornin’ I Am Born Again.

Flowered Dresses was part of Slaid’s most recent (although released in 2006) album, Unsung. It’s a creative concept album in which Slaid worked to compile a group of songs from his peers – artists that opened for him, long time musical friends, etc. – and created an album that sounds as cohesive as any of his own material. Slaid re-tells other people’s songs like they were his own bed-time stories. Flowered Dresses is a song by fellow Austinite Karen Poston – who also penned one of Slaid’s most poignant tunes, Lydia. The two have collaborated often throughout the last decade.

Slaid Cleaves is currently on a West Coast tour and will be back making the rounds in Austin starting with a Halloween gig at the famous Cactus Café on the University of Texas campus. He says he’s got another batch of songs ready for a (partially underway) album tentatively named 'Hard To Believe.' Check out a full Slaid Cleaves artist spotlight here.

Slaid’s Website
Karen’s MySpace

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