Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clothes: White Habit

The Biscuit Boys: White Habit


Here's a nun "chaser" for anyone who needs to cleanse the palate after the sexy clothes subtheme we seem to have evolved today. Step back a bit, and they look like a raft of penguins.

The accompanying crisp, pristine bluegrass instrumental comes courtesy of The Biscuit Boys, a short-lived band of young string wizards which broke up a year or two after after the millennium, just a little too early to take advantage of the whole next generation bluegrass revival which has been taking root over the past few years. And, as a relevant bonus, here's their great cover of John Hartford's You Don't have To Do That, which includes the lines Now why you gotta spend all that time in front of the mirror / And why you gotta spend all that time tryin' on clothes. It even has a kazoo in it, which is about as far from sexy as it gets.

The Biscuit Boys: You Don't Have To Do That

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