Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Metals : Heart of Gold

Jean-Jacques Milteau (With Mighty Mo Rogers) : Heart Of Gold


A perfect transition post, If I had known last week end. Both a guest star and a "metal" song, this cover of Neil's "Heart of Gold" was recorded in Memphis by French harmonica player Jean-Jacques Milteau with la creme de la creme of local studio musicians, giving this folk-rock standard a strong Soul flavor. Bluesman Mighty Mo Rogers sings, and JJ plays with a bluesy sound. Contrary to Neil Young, he plays in 2nd position or "cross harp". The song being in G, he plays a with a C harp (instead of a simple G) that gives him all the blue notes. Of course it's not the original, but I like this version. In fact I really love when soul and folk meet thet way.

Seems like sometimes the most original things I come up with are by French musicians. Hope you don't mind.

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