Saturday, May 30, 2009

Metals : Lift The Iron Curtain

Lord Ivanhoe & His Carribean Knights : Lift The Iron Curtain


It was Winston Churchill in 1946 who first used the expression "iron curtain" that had "descended on the continent". This is big wall of suspicion and fear was an obesssion to a lot of people, especially in the 1950s, and everywhere in the World, even in the peaceful and sunny archipelago of Trinidad & Tobago, where the colorfull, local music style was about to invade the whole world before the neighbors in Jamaica took over.
As blogger Zero G noticed in his post, ""Lift the Iron Curtain" is a sincere plea with a sly dig at Britain ("I think the Russians are selfish/In a way, they are like the British/For no man can get inside/To see what Moscow has got to hide").
On the other side of the curtain, people were probably thinking the same thing...

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