Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leftovers (Smiles): Smile Away

Paul and Linda McCartney: Smile Away


Having just returned from the dentist with my 41-year cavity-free record still intact, I though it would be good to revisit the Smiles thread. "Smile Away" comes from the Ram album, which was credited to Paul & Linda McCartney. That says less about Mrs. McCartney's musical abilities than it does about Paul's desire to share his life completely with his soulmate. It's a noble romantic gesture, but practically speaking, this is Paul's second solo album.

The disc is full of loose performances that often go in unexpected places. "Smile Away" is one of the more straight-ahead songs on the album, however. A charming '50s rock pastiche with only a handful of lyrics, it never pretends to be anything more than a catchy tune that will indeed make you smile away.

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