Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leftovers (Songs Called Songs): Just to Have You Hum Along (The Futon Song)

Betty Elders: Just to Have You Hum Along (The Futon Song)


Some of you may recall I had a life-changing summer, spending two months in the Atlanta area as primary caregiver for my ailing/aging mom, who passed away mid-July from pulmonary fibrosis - I still checked in with Star Maker Machine during that time (it was a touchstone of serenity when everything else was chaotically out of my control) but I rarely posted (lack of time, energy and my own CD collection trumped intention)...

I regret missing some themes during that period and it's nice to have a do-over (ah, if I could only... never mind) - I'm pleased to be able to offer up this little gem for the Songs Called Songs theme, however belatedly...

When I began my journey into the contemporary folk scene, I was like an addict - I just couldn't get enough, scouring used CD stores to find anything that seemed to fit into this newly-discovered genre. I ran across Betty Elders' Crayons in a bin for $4.95 and, as soon as I got it home and pressed Play, I knew I had scored - just hit a vein, baby!

I was captivated by her voice and songwriting, yet when I got to this song, I was a bit disturbed - it starts out sweet and, dare I say it, cute... but the further along it goes, although there's nary a pet rabbit in sight, it began to sound like a folk Fatal Attraction (bet you never thought you'd see those words in the same sentence, eh?).

I still love the song, but...

I'd crawl through shards of glass I'd be what I was not just to have you just to have you just to have you hum along


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