Monday, March 17, 2008


X: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes


This is a Tin Pan Alley song from 1930 that Leadbelly performed on his Last Sessions album. In the liner notes to Under A Big Black Sun, X quotes Leadbelly's remarks from the Last Sessions:

"I didn't make this myself, but I'm gonna do it. 'Twas a man he had a pretty wife ... And she went and losed her mind about her husband. We'd got out & play for the insane asylum people ... & they would dance. She was there and her husband would go and sing to her. And 2 weeks after he sang this song, she come back to her senses and they got back together. That's to show how music can bring you back ... If you ain't too far gone."




Mario B said...

Favorite X album... But I don't have liner notes in mine !!! Original song was done in 1930 by Nat Shilkret. That's my encyclopedia side.

Anonymous said...

It's also my favorite X album. I really love "The Have Nots" from that record. There's a great live version of that one that we should post sometime.

Matt said...

Yeah, X!
This is one of my favorite songs by them, maybe because it sounds so different than their other stuff... Now I know why.
I'm excited to see what other Leadbelly related tunes show up on here this week.

Anonymous said...

X is one of my favorite bands. All of their albums are great. Well, not Ain't Love Grand. But all of the other ones.

Their documentary, The Unheard Music is interesting on its own merits as a film, and not just for X fans.