Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Aristocrats: Royal Blues

Rachel Bissex: Royal Blues


Long story short: musician Rachel Bissex passed away the morning of February 20, 2005 from complications of breast cancer at the age of 48.

Short story longer: I was honored to call Rachel friend throughout the almost-ten-years I knew her – she was kind, she was generous in spirit, she was witty, she was life-embracing, she was a true musician and a “harmony whore” (her words), her beautiful voice tastefully adding to anyone else’s song, even if she was hearing it for the first time.

Upon finding out I was a Dar Williams fan, Rachel told me that, in addition to Dar singing additional vocals, Royal Blues contained many Dar references (diminutive in size, February, footprints in the snow)… and that, one day, she’d tell me the full story, over a glass (or three) of pinot grigio, our wine of choice – I will always regret that day never came…

In April 2005, plans began for Remembering Rachel and in July 2005, a 2-CD set of Rachel's songs sung by her friends and colleagues, including some of the top folk performers, was released, with 100% of all performance, mixing, mastering, distribution, graphic design, hosting and advertising costs donated. This labor of love was dedicated to raising funds to fulfill Rachel's final wish to pay for the college education of her children, Emma Goldberg and Matt Cosgrove…

Long story longer can be found here

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