Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bountiful Feast: Lunch

Muckafurgason: Lunch


It seems like most songs about food are pretty silly, and this song is certainly no different. Muckafurgason is a band of comedians, or at least, they appeared on a Friday Night Comedy show at one point and are definitely funny. In fact, one of the guys dated Janeane Garafalo for quite a while and even wrote a song about her for one of their albums.

They opened for They Might Be Giants back in 2002, which is how I know of them. As soon as they started playing I loved them. Their brand of humor comes in the form of singing songs that sound serious and rockin', but are also about absurd things, like being afraid of bees, your favorite childhood video game systems, and in this case, singing a white boy rap about your favorite meal of the day.

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