Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland: Snow

My esteemed colleague Darius recently tackled a Jesse Winchester song (Just Like New) in these pages, asking to be guided through more of his work. So I - amongst others - told him to buy the self-titled debut from ´70 first. Here´s my chance to illustrate, as that great Robbie Robertson-produced and Todd Rundgren-engineered album has got a song called Snow on it.

Like Ali, Winchester had ´nothing against no Viet Cong´ and to dodge the draft the Memphis-bred musician crossed the border in ´67 to Montreal, where he found himself struggling with the fierce climate. As Winchester became a Canadian citizen in ´73, he must have gotten used to the winter wonderland up north pretty fast. But then again, maybe he simply bought heavy hip boots, a furry hat, long-john underwear and acquired a layer of protective fat...

"I was tuning in the six o'clock newscast, and the weather man mentioned snow
As soon as I heard that four-letter word, I was making my plans to go...
If I was a bird I would fly back South, a bear I would go to sleep
Anything rather than hang around here, when the snow starts getting deep..."

As a bonus, here´s an short and sweet acoustic early demo of the song.

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