Monday, February 9, 2009

1989: Love Shack

The B-52's: Love Shack


I may have mentioned before that we lived in Puerto Rico (for my husband's job) from January 1985 through June 1989 - there were obvious plusses and minuses... the latter mostly being out of the loop of all things entertainment-related. We tried to stay current but always seemed to be many steps behind - as soon as we moved back to the States, I was like a kid in the proverbial candy shop, gorging on albums until I hit sensory overload...

My younger sister had turned me on to The B-52's years before, and I loved their vintage look and infectious sound - one night not too long after our return, she, her boyfriend and I went out drinking and playing pool... and when Love Shack came on the jukebox, I could not stop smiling. What a perfect song - glitter and door-banging and hot-as-an-oven, oh my!

Not two weeks later we were at the wedding of a friend and the DJ played the tune at the reception (with all of us yelling out "tin roof... rusted!" at the end - I decided then and there that people weren't officially married unless Love Shack was played at the celebration afterwards to consummate their union... :-)

My planned epitaph (but since I'm choosing to be cremated and won't have a formal headstone, they can carve it on the coconut floating out to sea with my ashes) has always been, "Her Children Knew All The Words To Love Shack!" - I still consider it a perfect song, and I even heard it at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival a few years ago on a workshop stage, performed by Jian (from Moxy Fruvous), Lucy Kaplansky, The Nields and The Kennedys...

For the backstory on the *real* Love Shack, go here - then click the Play button above... again... crank it up to 11... and shimmy like you mean it!

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