Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trains: That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore

Los Lobos: That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore


Ah, Los Lobos. Nothing lonesome here - this is all high-octane tejano-influenced roots rock, with just a touch of country and blues under the rail. The song comes on like a steady train, accelerating into the curve and then stretching out between stations before roaring into the chorus with a screech and wail like an East LA subway car.

One of only two songs not written by guitarist, accordionist, vocalist and lead songwriter David Hidalgo on 1992 release Kiko, That Train takes the perfect fourth spot on what is generally accepted to be their most experimental album. The set runs highly diverse, but it's still the one I pull out when the party really starts to rock, and it always results in someone asking to borrow it.

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