Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green: On the Greener Side

Michelle Shocked: On the Greener Side


I am a long-time fan of Michelle Shocked, starting with her *album*, The Texas Campfire Tapes... and segueing through CDs of her various incarnations of singer-songwriter... to swing jazz... to traditional twang - I admit I'm a few recordings behind... but I do see she has a new one coming out in May, and I'll attempt to catch up between now and then...

From Wikipedia:

...her 1989 album Captain Swing on Mercury Records was accompanied by a strong promotional push, including an MTV-aired video of the single "On the Greener Side." However, the label did not invest in further promotion, stating that she had "cut too good a deal" for herself. After litigation following her release of 1992's Arkansas Traveler, she extricated herself from the deal, citing a violation of her 13th Amendment constitutional right prohibiting slavery.

Okay... "Michelle Shocked' and "MTV video" are words I never thought I'd see in the same sentence - here is proof that it really happened!

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