Sunday, April 26, 2009

This and That: Sex and Candy

Marcy Playground: Sex and Candy


Usually, I spend a day or two making playlists around a theme, and then post the best; this week, I got a song stuck in my head -- the technical term for this is an earworm -- and I had to share it to get it out.

For some reason I thought this was a Foo Fighters song, what with its heavily rhythmic strum-and-drum pattern, its strung out vocalist, and its concrete poetics, but it turns out that it's by post-grunge one hit wonders Marcy Playground, who set out to make noise just like their idols Nirvana, and succeeded in producing a curiously successful yet eminently formulaic combination of 60s psychedelic pop and 90s grunge. It also turns out that I'm really old: this song came out twelve years ago, and it seems like just yesterday.

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