Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guest Stars: Old Times Good Times

Stephen Stills: Old Times Good Times


Stephen Stills's first solo album is a buffet of guest appearances. I could post to this week's theme at least five times from this album alone, and each post would include an amazing guest appearance by a well known artist (think Eric Clapton, Cass Elliot, Ringo Starr and others). But I think out of all of the guest appearances on this album the best one has to be the performance by Jimi Hendrix on Old Times Good Times. I have always thought it was a bit odd that Hendrix, a superstar at this point in his career, didn't force himself on the song more than he did. He plays a solo, but it's not blaring and self-serving like Clapton's is on the following track, instead his contribution is more understated and supportive. But this is exactly what makes his work on this song so excellent. He adds a unique sound, a bluesy grit, that few other people could add as effectively.

Give it a listen.

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