Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fathers and Fatherhood: Father and Daughter

Paul Simon: Father and Daughter


This one triggers a specific memory for me.

First, let me say that I am one of those people who hates sing-alongs. I always feel that I’m going to get it wrong. So I don’t sing.

But when my wife and I took my daughter to see The Wild Thornberry Movie in the theater, something came over me. When the story is over, a song plays while the end titles roll. In The Wild Thornberry Movie, that song is Paul Simon’s Father and Daughter. In the theater, I was hearing it for the first time. By the time the chorus repeated for the first time, I had turned to my daughter, and was singing it to her. The magic carried through to the end of the song and a little beyond. That moment is now my reminder, if I ever need it, of just how much I love my daughter. The years that have passed since then have not changed that.

Bonus trivia fact: Nigel Thornberry was voiced, in the movie and on television, by Tim Curry.

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