Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gender Benders: I'll Be That Girl

Barenaked Ladies: I'll Be That Girl


The Barenaked Ladies' evoke a bit of a gender bending spirit simply due to the fact that these "Ladies" are actually five Canadian goofballs who are most certainly not females.

In this track from their mega-hit album, 1998's Stunt, the guys bend things a little further. At first listen, it all seems like just another batch of nonsense from the band that boasts many other comical and colorful songs in their catalogue. There is a darker side to this song, however, with talk of sadness, madness, and using a gun to ensure there is no tomorrow.

It's unclear in the song just who exactly singer Stephen Page is willing to change for, but it is clear that person has no interest in the narrator as he is. The song stands as a slightly creepy study of obsession.

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