Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Songs Called Songs: The Anyway Song

Lullaby Baxter Trio: The Anyway Song


Sometimes instead of finding great new music, it finds you instead. When I had a radio show back in college, they had a bin where once a year the DJs could take a CD to keep from the promotional items we had received because there simply wasn't room to store/listen to them all. I got there late and one of the few things left was a CD by an artist I hadn't heard the music of, but whose album I had seen a few reviews for and whose album art (see above) I thought was adorable, so I grabbed it. Turns out, the album was wonderful and I loved every second of it. It's a strange whimsical mix of sometimes country, sometimes jazz-infused folk that teetered on children's music at times. Since then I've included this track (a lovely piano ballad), my favorite from it, on a number of mixes and gotten other people to fall in love as well. It is out of print as far as I know, but available at insanely cheap prices now, as well as digitally.

Before hearing the song I loved the name of it. I've always been a fan of the word "anyway", as my late grandmother was a pro at using it to politely change the course of a conversation she wasn't sure she wanted to go any further. I went through a stage where I used the word more often than I should have as well. It's a great catch-all, and I think the word, not like the song and the album, is wildly underrated.

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