Monday, February 1, 2010

Cold: Frozen Over

Captain Beyond: Frozen Over


Progressive rock, heavy blues, wild jazz and frickin' SPACE! Captain Beyond's spicy hard rock gumbo had all the right ingredients.

Consisting of a dude from Deep Purple and two dudes Iron Butterfly, Captain Beyond was a veritable who's who of early 1970's proto heavy metal. Between 1972 and 1977 they released three must-own albums full of delectables, every bit as good as anything their associated acts ever released.

Frozen Over is my favorite song off of the first album, mainly because the ominous lyrics never fail to give me the chills (pun intended):

Honey, your face is frozen
Frozen as could be
Baby, your face is like a block of ice
Cold as the deep dark sea

The fantastic photo at the top of this post was lovingly nicked from this fansite, which is not only informative and fun, but has a layout that makes you nostalgic for the painfully slow dial-up days of 1996 when Netscape and unofficial fansites made life worth living.

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