Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trios: Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.: Raisans


Power trio Dinosaur Jr. recorded and released sophomore album You're Living All Over Me in '87, and like the early work of several other similar late eighties Boston-based grunge trios - Blake Babies, Sebadoh and The Lemonheads among them - the album became a seminal part of my musical development as I was moved from public school to private school in the middle of my high school years. The vomitous, psychedelic cover, with its double-skull faces turned away from the viewer, was an apt reflection of my inner turmoil at the time; twenty years later, the transformed and transformative pre-emo, post-punk feedback-heavy sound which filled my headphones and friends' smoky bedrooms still brings me back to adolescence in a single chord.

Listen loud - this stuff is meant to overwhelm the senses, prime for wallowing in teenage malaise, or merely reliving it.

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