Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Public Domain: East Virginia

The Innocence Mission: East Virginia

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This song has already gotten a post about it back during our States of the Union week, representing Virginia. Boyhowdy, in all his cover-lovin' glory posted three fantastic versions of this old song. But my favorite version is this one, one that hasn't been posted here before, and it is by one of my favorite bands, The Innocence Mission.

If you've heard the fairly well known Joan Baez version, you can tell that this is basically a cover of her version of the song, as it has the same tempo and is sung the same way. I have a love/hate relationship with Baez's voice depending on the song she's singing, and I just don't care for it on this one. Karen Peris' voice is smoother, she hits higher notes and the affect literally gives me chills. It's as if a ghost is singing the song, which I think is perfect considering the lyrics are about a woman you met once and have been haunted by since.

This version of the song was never released though, which is a shame because I think it's amazing, and right up there with some of the band's best work. Back around 2000, 2001, the internet was just taking off and the band was uploading a new rare or unreleased track to their site once a month for their fans. This was one of them, and that's how I came to have it and I am glad I get an excuse to share it with others now as well.

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