Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me Last: Jonny Lang (Fargo's Homeboy) Edition


Jonny Lang: Lie To Me


Jonny Lang: Breakin' Me


I believe that, with last month's Denver concert, Jonny Lang is now the "name" musician I've seen in concert the most. And he's still young, too (29 now), so the future's bound to hold more of the same. He gives a helluva performance, let me just say. He tours a lot, too, often with Buddy Guy's Jimi Hendrix Experience Tour (along with a bunch of other terrific guitarists; look for it in a city near you).

Jonny was a wee 15 years old when he recorded Lie to Me, and you'd never know it. (On this album he also covers Sonny Boy Williamson's Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, which for once is age appropriate and not skeevy or pedophilic). He's probably the last person you'd even expect to be a Grammy-winning blues artist. He's about as white as it gets, hails from Fargo, North Dakota, and is a nice Christian boy. Cute, too (see picture).

He was a relatively ancient 17 when Breakin' Me came out. Whoa. Whatever I was flailing around doing at 17 doesn't begin to compare.

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