Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Have A Dream: Dream On (Live)

Greg Brown: Dream On (Live)


Dream On is a cynical song, suggesting that it is in vain that we hope for true love, a peaceful world, and politicians who will respond to the needs of the people. Of course, the comedic quality of the lyrics blunts the edge of this theme.

Although I'm an optimist in my private family life, I have to admit that I am cynical most of the time when it comes to overall social progress. It so often seems that for every forward step we take, we take two steps back.

On Monday a friend's Facebook status was "Happy birthday MLK, we're still trying our best."

I appreciated that positive attitude. Most of us really are trying our best. So in spite of Greg Brown's comic cynicism, I will do my best to continue to dream on.

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