Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fiddle and Violins: Oxford Suite Part 2

ed alleyn-johnson

Ed Alleyne-Johnson: Oxford Suite Part 2


This fascinating electric violin track has been on my replay list for a while. Oddly enough, when I juxtapose it with the J-Rock tune I posted a few days ago, there's not a lot of difference between them: they're both pretty solid electronica pieces, even though they're by artists from opposite ends of the globe.

Ed Alleyne-Johnson deserves to be better known, I think. He's made a small splash online, but is better known as a world-travelled busker from northern England. This song's a self-penned instrumental tune from his 90s release, Purple Electric Violin Concerto, but lately he's been putting out albums of covers that are well worth buying.

There's something both simultaneously distancing and intimate about electric violin, especially in electronica, I've decided. What's your opinion?

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