Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Samples and Found Sounds: AM Radio

Everclear - AM_Radio

Everclear: AM Radio


This 2000 ode to the glories of AM radio (back when it actually featured music you wanted to hear) starts with a radio announcer from LA station KHJ, followed by the intro to Jean Knight's Mr. Big Stuff. There's a bonus TV laugh track in the middle, too.

If you're as old as Everclear vocalist Art Alexakis (and me), you'll get the lyrics to this song right away.

I'd be in bed with the radio on
I would listen to it all night long just to hear my favorite song
You'd have to wait 'til you could hear it on the AM radio…

Do you remember that sinking feeling when you turned on the radio just to hear the final chords of your favorite song you'd usually wait hours to hear…which meant you wouldn't hear it again for a while. I remember getting a little portable tape recorder and pressing the microphone to the AM radio speaker to capture that horrible, tinny sound just for the pleasure of The Monkees music on demand.

I know I too often don't appreciate the instant access of nearly any song nowadays. Look here, you can just click that little arrow in this post and hear AM Radio instantly! Enjoy…

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