Friday, November 18, 2011

Homonyms: Goodnight Moon

Will Kimbrough: Goodnight Moon


Shivaree: Goodnight Moon


The homonymic pair in question comes from two singles, both released in 2000, from two artists grounded in vastly different soil yet united by their common claim to the American folk and roots traditions.

I could imagine both these songs on the same soundtrack, but the movie in question would have to have a hell of a plot arc to contain 'em both. Which is to say: don't expect much else to compare 'em with, other than song title, release date, and a distant kinship via genre coincidence.

WIll Kilbrough's pulsing, gently soothing, moog-and-brush-driven lullaby is a sweet, languid sleeper that catches the heart, as it caught mine when it re-appeared on the 2003 Oxford American Southern Sampler.

Shivaree's AAA popfolk radio hit delivers the nervous heartbeat of a late-night stalker's subject, taking us along for the ride; you may recognize it from its use over the credits in Kill Bill Volume 2.

Both aim true.

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