Thursday, January 19, 2012

On The Air: KX

Morning Bride: KX

[Free download of studio version here]

For my first ever post I thought it made sense to look to the classics. Well, classic to me at any rate: Morning Bride are particular favourites of mine and have been for a good while now. They’re one of those bands that seem effortlessly better than celebrated acts who plough the same furrow despite garnering so much less in the way of kudos. Their debut album Lea Valley Delta Blues is a marvel, in as much as it manages to do exactly what its title promises by delivering authentic Americana while remaining true to its roots in North East London.

Factoring an even further-flung destination into this equation comes this track: a version of their 2007 single KX recorded live on Gothenburg’s local radio station P4 during the band’s Scandinavian tour of the same year. In contrast to the studio version this performance strips the song back to two acoustic guitars and the clear, haunting voice of vocalist Amity Dunn. Despite having grown up listening to the mighty John Peel, I confess that I am not usually one to seek out radio sessions. This band is the exception to the rule.

Guest post by Houman

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